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Your partner in business application development​

Looking for a software application development company with extensive experience? Caunos has the skills you need! Since 2000, we’ve been providing exceptional business application development services to clients in Europe and beyond.

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Software solutions for your business needs

We are specialised in custom software development, solution design and implementation, data integration and data management services, operations support and more.

Check out our comprehensive set of services below, and contact us to find out what we can do for you.

A reliable, highly skilled software development partner

We implement and support work packages for existing or new projects or programmes of corporate clients, doing joint development in a multi-vendor, multi-team environment as needed. Working within the customer's IT infrastructure and architecture and design constraints, we create state-of-the-art implementations. We extend our services with functional analysis, agile team management as well as technology and architecture consultancy where needed.

Full application suites

At the start of each project, together with the customer, we evaluate the needs, available specifications, available IT infrastructure, user characteristics and relevant aspects of the customer's business domain.

Based on the outcome, we identify required applications and services, and implement a complete solution ready to run the customer's business. 


Excellent software maintenance and support

Dedication, commitment, continuity and attention to detail define the work ethics and discipline at Caunos. We do not stop when we deliver a solution to the customer. We provide a generous warranty period, continuing maintenance, support and advice tailored to the customer's needs.

Our services can include lifecycle and functional change management as well, where appropriate.

Developing for The Cloud

We embrace technologies and capabilities promoted through the cloud, and develop and deploy our software using these. We have and use the skills to manage scalable container deployments, develop event driven software for serverless deployment where suitable, and more.

Application Hosting

At Caunos, we work to achieve the highest business value for our clients; if beneficial for the client, we also provide hosting services on the cloud. When we host a solution, we provide full operational support, including deployments, monitoring, OS and virtual hardware upgrades, cost optimisation, and more. 

We work on most large cloud platforms, AWS being our preferred provider.

Consultancy as-a-service

Caunos accumulated substantial skills and experience during its 22+ years of existence. We provide consultancy on technology, business and functional analysis, solution and enterprise architecture, development techniques,  data processing and integration, team and project management, and more.

Technology is a major driving force in business today; the need for a strong online presence and web development strategy has become more important than ever before. We are a professional software development partner possessing the skills and experience to satisfy any application development needs.

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Modern City

Caunos has been serving a wide spectrum of customers from a

multitude of business sectors throughout the years; from large corporations to small companies, with different business processes, varying IT knowledge and infrastructure.

Garanti BBVA International
Banking & financial services

Garanti BBVA International (GBI) is a customer-centric transaction banking provider offering value-added financial solutions to its customers and ...

Work ethics and shared values are the pillars of Caunos' existence. Dedication, continuity, striving for quality, commitment, flexibility, respect for all, attention to detail and discipline define Caunos.

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1013 MX Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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