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Our Work: Our Projects

 State-of-the-art software applications

A selection of the solutions we have created  for varying business needs in several business sectors throughout the 20+ years in business


Applications for Banking

We developed web-based tools for Credit and Risk Management departments to manage their financial statements, financial analysis, financial credit ratings and credit applications.


Our systems provide LDAP based authentication, data manipulation with four-eye principle, a workflow for approvals, an e-mail based alert system, a document management service, an interface to the back-office and satellite systems, Microsoft Excel data inputs and exports, and PDF reports.

These web-based systems are developed using Java EE and SQL relational databases. on web technology?????.

Credit Rating Management System

The system provides the bank users with the ability to rate credit prospects and customers based on a questionaire template and a complex rating calculation model. Depending on the sector of the prospect, different rating models are applied. The credit rating details are fed to the bank’s back office and other setallite systems.

Financial Statements System

The financial statements of corporate credit applicants are entered and analyzed with our system. The financial statements are entered and stored based on a template maintained by the bank. The users can make multi-year financial analysis with the built-up financial history of the clients.

Credit Application Workflow System

The system provide a complete workflow of a credit application from the front-officer's proposal to the Credit Committee approval. During the process, the users get notifications, upload financial analysis and other documents, approve their sections.

Financial information and investment portal

Paragaranti by GarantiBank is a web/mobile finance application which provides the subscribers with global and national news about currencies, stocks, options, funds, commodities and other investment and economy related elements. It also permits the subscribers to create a sample portfolio to exercise tracking and trading to gain experience and confidence in investing.

Intranet bank applications for employee recognition and

The intranet application co-implemented for the client contains several elements such as: e-learning, volunteering and gratification where employees can track, subscribe to, volunteer for training and courses and earn rewards for their participation.

Our Work: Our Projects

Applications for the Postal industry

We've been developing back-office applications for the postal industry since 2018, helping our client to enhance their services.

Postal Movement Reporting Application

More than 150 different reports in the areas of postal movement tracking, compliance, irregularities, communication and messaging, monitoring, etc.
The application is the result of a joint development by Caunos and the client, and built with ReactJS for the user interface, and multiple REST services implemented in Java using the Spring Framework. Reports are produced from a large Oracle database through Oracle PL/SQL.

Equipment Pools Management Application

An asset management application tracking the client's mail receptacles of various types and through processing of transactional messaging data and RFID scans, allowing the expert users to intervene to ensure that sufficient assets are at locations where they are needed. 
The system consists of a web application built with React JS, REST services implemented in Java with Spring Boot, with its own Oracle database. The implementation uses JMS queues and Oracle AQ mechanisms extensively for scalability and handles the continuous and heavy transactional load successfully.

Sprinter Network Management Application

An application reimplemented as part of our client's new service architecture, geared towards planning and tracking of the movements of the client's Sprinter postal van network. The application is implemented in close cooperation with the client with a ReactJS based user interface, REST services, JMS and Oracle AQ queues, file and e-mail processing for transaction extraction, etc..

Capacity Forecast System

Caunos implemented a new version of the customer's capacity forecast tool for postal operator mail processing centres, with a substantial boost in functionality. The application is a traditional Java Spring Framework web application with a web based user interface as well as a SOAP service, using an Oracle database plus Elastic search for data storage, and a forecast engine in R, implemented by the client.

Mail Registration Device Management Platform

A management console for our client's mail registration devices at major airports ensuring that the devices are correctly configured and are operating as intended, as well as reporting on operational data transmission, managing handler and airline data used by the devices, etc. The application was jointly reimplemented by Caunos and the client as part of the client's application migration programme. The new application has a ReactJS user interface, REST services implemented in Java with Spring Boot, and a PL/SQL layer for persistence in an Oracle database.

Delivery Service
Stacked Steel Rods


Since mid-2000s, Caunos has supported steel trading organisations in running their business.

Trading back-office

Our first generation trading back-office application. Implemented in Java and Java ServerFaces technology in 2007, it supports the clients in every step of their workflow, from quotations, certifications, letters of credit, bank guarantees, to shipment planning and tracking, invoicing, agent management, commissions and extensive reporting.

New generation trading back-office

A new generation of our trading back-office solution. The new system boasts multiple micro-services, including templating and rendering services for the front-end, and adds to the functionality of Tradebase in every aspect, with advanced alerts, document ingestion, enhanced customer and agent management, profit sharing arrangements, currency and exchange rate management, and so on.
The application is built on Caunos' own micro-services architecture, implemented in Java, with a Freemarker based template engine, and uses a MySQL database.

Our Work: Our Projects
Our Work: Our Projects

Translation Services

Interpreter registration and assignment

To support a client's operation, Caunos implemented an interpreter registration and assignment system, which, in time, grew into a full back-office, managing translation requests, interpreter assignment and commissioning, front-ends for the consumer and businesses, etc.
The system is implemented in Java, with a MySQL database and various APIs and services to support the operation.

New generation translation services back-office

Caunos developed a completely redesigned version of its translation services back-office, boosting a ReactJS based UI, REST services and APIs built in Java with Spring Boot, and MySQL for persistence.

Many roads crossing one another


PTZ control and video routing service

Caunos implemented a set of services to control movement of a large number of cameras situated in a multi-level motorway tunnel in The Netherlands as well as for routing the video streams from selected cameras. Implemented primarily in Java, the service interfaces to a multitude of messaging/signalling services communicating using different protocols.

Bodycam with media server

A proof-of-concept Android mobile application was developed for assisting railroad service personnel to communicate with supervisors and SMEs to aid them in diagnosis and remedy of issues with signalling systems. The set-up used a Kurento media server to create virtual conference rooms for live communication, as well as for storing and playback of sessions for analysis and training.

Our Work: Our Projects

Business Directories and Marketing

Data and Application Integration

A suite of applications and services to enable member companies of an international business directory/local search group to publish their data on the group's local business search websites. The software implemented by Caunos encompasses ETL applications, REST and SOAP services, interactive data management applications and more. 
The implementation uses Java with Spring framework, data integration tools, MySQL, MongoDB.

Document generation

Letter, contract and proofing document generation and management system for a business directory and phone book publishing organisation.
The application is implemented in Java on its own Oracle database.

Our Work: Our Projects
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